Engles Road neighbors calling for lower speed limit after crash kills four men

Neighbors along Engles Road are calling for lower speed limits after a fatal crash that killed four young men.

James Stone, 20, Efrain Rodriguez, 23, Joshua Shute, 23, and driver Joey McCarthy, 19, died Monday night when the Dodge Intrepid they were riding in went off the road and into a ravine.

Their bodies, and the crash scene, went unnoticed until Tuesday morning.

Investigators say speed was a factor in the crash.

Andy Bardin, who lives next to site of the crash, says speeding is a major problem on Engles Road.

"When they come over the hill they are flying. I've seen some of the go off the ground," he says.

Donna Johnson says she has nearly been hit several times by speeding cars.

"My son-in-law and I were backing out of the driveway to go to the store, and a car come out of the hill out of nowhere. If we hadn't stopped at the bottom of the driveway I might not be talking to you here today," Johnson says.

Since Engles Road is an unmarked road, by law the speed limit is automatically 55 miles per hour. Bardin says neighbors have been trying to get the state to lower the speed limit for years without any luck.

"The state says the speed limit is 55 and they wont change it," he says.

The Town of Oswego says in order to lower the speed limit, neighbors first must submit a petition to the town board.

The petition than has to go to the state for final approval.

Bardin says that process will take a long time, and something needs to be done now before somebody else gets hurt.

"When you get the kids out here waiting for the bus nobody sees them they could get hit," Bardin says.