ESM High School pushes to prevent drunk driving


Shattered glass, totaled cars, and loved ones who don't make it out. Even though this is a mock DWI crash scene, organizers say it's all about the choices you make that can change your life in an instant.

It's an event that hits close to home for teaching assistant Amy Mayers. "I was actually hit head-on by a drunken driver years and years ago. It's just been something that's been close to my heart," says Mayers.

Every 15 minutes, a drunk or distracted driver claims the life of an innocent person. With prom just a few days away, organizers wanted this to feel as real as possible.

"We get cars donated to us that we can kind of beat up here and the fire department can cut up," says Officer Brian Damon, Town of Manlius Police Department.

For students, it's a powerful message that could turn into a deadly lesson.

"I saw people when I was walking through the halls this morning wearing the shirts and they had their faces painted all white and pale. Their eyes were really dark. I said, 'Wow, this could be anyone on Monday. Someone could not be here because of the choice they made this weekend," says Camryn Greabell, ESM High School student.

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