ESPN releases full Laurie Fine and Bobby Davis audio tape

Lauie Fine

Just one day after Laurie Fine's announcement that she plans to sue ESPN for libel, ESPN released what they are calling the "complete Bobby Davis and Laurie Fine phone conversation."

Click here to read the complaint. (.pdf file)

ESPN's website says it was recorded by Davis on October 8, 2002.

The site also has a disclaimer that read: "Noise reduction software was used to improve the quality of the audio and the names of some individuals have been removed to protect their privacy. This audio contains language that some listeners might find objectionable."

On Thursday, Laurie Fine's attorney Lawrence Fisher emailed the CNYcentral newsroom, saying she celebrates the release of full version of the tape because it dooms the reporting of ESPN as defamatory.

Fisher says the audio tape shows:

-Laurie Fine repeatedly confirms that Bobby Davis was never sexually molested by Bernie Fine;

-Laurie Fine repeatedly cautions Bobby Davis from contact with Bernie Fine in light of Bobby's accusations; and

-Laurie Fine repeatedly looks out for Bobby Davis as a mother would.

Fisher says Davis lied to Laurie Fine by telling her he was not recording the conversation. He expects the lawsuit against ESPN will still stand after experts examine it more fully.

On ESPN releasing the full audio tape, Fisher says it's "an obvious public relations tactic by ESPN aimed at desensitizing the community to the defamation deriving from it."