Estate auction will help benefit Symphoria

Items up for auction.

The sprawling property in Cazenovia goes on for 30 acres. On Wednesday, Terri McGraw will be helping to raise money for Symphoria.

"That's what's so exciting, is we could tie in our business as an auctioneer, we could tie into a charity and they could help give back to raise money to help with something that they are working towards," says McGraw.

The home and property up for sale is valued at nearly 2 million dollars. McGraw's real estate company is previewing an auction for this upcoming Saturday. Everything from farming equipment, to furniture from the 1800s, to paintings can be viewed at the preview. The owner wanted to give back to a local charity. He wanted money raised at the auction preview Wednesday to go to help support Symphoria.

"Just knowing what the symphony is going through, it's really exciting to have an organization that everybody really believes in and wants to see succeed, especially with the reorganization," says McGraw.

A quartet from Symphoria and a french horn duet will be playing inside for hundreds of neighbors coming out to place an early bid for many of these items up for auction.

Through raffles, donations and tickets into the auction. McGraw hopes to raise 12 thousand dollars for Symphoria to hold a free concert in Cazenovia at Lorenzo, later in the season.

"Well this is such an amazing thing, because this is something that's going to be fun and it's a giveback. We're very excited that we have local companies that are giving back to a local charity," says McGraw


The preview is Wednesday from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at 3421 West Lake Road in Cazenovia. The auction on Saturday starts at 10am.