Evacuation notice issued in Utica ahead of planned warehouse demolition

Several Utica city streets will be closed off this weekend for the scheduled demolition of an old warehouse.

Utica's Mayor has issued an evacuation notice for a 500 foot radius surrounding the Fay Street Warehouse Building. It will be in effect from 4am to 11am Sunday. Also, people living within a 500 to 1,000 foot radius must remain indoors during that time. There will be no on-street parking within 1,000 feet of the demolition site.

The Mayor and DOT crews are urging everyone to stay as far away from the site as possible. "After consulting with the New York State Department of Transportation, the demolition contractor and the Utica Police and Fire Departments it has been determined that to ensure the safety of patrons in the immediate area of the building an evacuation notice is necessary," Mayor Robert Palmieri said. "While I understand the interest in this demolition, it is essential that people understand that this is a major operation and public safety is the most important focus of the Administration."

Anyone affected by the evacuation notice can go to City Hall at 1 Kennedy Plaza on the morning of the implosion. Transportation to and from City Hall will be provided by the DOT.

If you have any questions, call (315) 793-2447.