Everson Museum exhibit captures #ShowUsCNY14


The Everson Museum in Syracuse is putting together a photography exhibition that will feature the best of Central New York. Organizers of the #ShowUsCNY14 exhibit collected nearly 600 images capturing the vibrancy of the Central New York region in the summer. Out of those 600 images a panel of judges selected 30 for the exhibition.

The exhibit will run from August 21st through August 30th at the Everson Museum, 401 Harrison Street in Syracuse. The 30 finalists will be printed as 11" x 14" format and displayed in the Sculpture Court. The group Social Media Breakfast Syracuse, organized the event to encourage the use of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as a means of sharing the best of our community.

Among the photographers represented in the final 30 are NBC 3 News Anchor Matt Mulcahy with "Steeple and clouds over Syracuse" and his brother Tim Mulcahy with two finalists "Bee Line Wheel Alignment" and "Branch's Flat Iron Building". Whitney Wagner has the most photos in the final group with six. She once worked as a photographer for CNYCentral, but currently works for Time Warner Cable news.

The full list of photographers represented includes: Theresa Barry (4), Kate Brodock (1), Kate Collins (1), Andrea Elliott (2), Joe Falcetti (2), Beth Ferri (1), Jonathan Hood (1), JüÅ?ie JÃ¥nusż (1), Kevin Morrow (1), Matt Mulcahy (1), Tim Mulcahy (2), Morgan Narkiewicz (1), Patrick Nellis (1), Christina Rollo (1), Katie Rolls (1), Michael Tracy (3) and Whitney Wagner (6).

There will be an invitation only opening night reception.

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