Exchange of rings before the Syracuse Chiefs game

In many ways this wedding between SUNY Brockport sweethearts is like any other, filled with boutonnieres, buttons and bouquets.

What makes this exchange of vows different is where they're being said. It's center field of NBT Bank Stadium, while the grounds crew sprays the field before the Syracuse Chiefs game.

Paul Stasko and Brittany Buck had been dating since 2005.

"That was an awesome experience, but I just couldn't stop looking at him during it. It didn't matter that everybody else was here, it was just between me and him," says Brittany Stasko.

"It was amazing. The field is so nice out there. All of the green with a large stadium in the background and with the fans back there cheering it just added to the excitement of the moment," says Paul Stasko.

The couple tried exchanging rings on Good Morning America this past Valentine's Day for its Epic Wedding Showdown. They wrote an essay about their relationship and were selected into the final four out of 700 couples. While they ultimately lost the chance to be married on national television, the Chiefs heard their story and wanted to help make their wedding one to remember, even if the background was a little different.

Audrey Lince is Brittany's Aunt. "It did, having all the fans show up for this moment, it was like... It's just wonderful," says Lince.

"We didn't win, but we think that this is so much better, because we're able to have so much more family here and who doesn't love a nice baseball game," says Brittany Stasko.

To finish off the wedding almost like a fairy tale, it ends with a perfect strike being thrown out from the newly married groom himself.