Excitement in the air as Cooperstown prepares for historic visit from President Obama

Custom baseball bat for President Obama made by Cooperstown Bat Company.

In Cooperstown, everyone is pitching in, including Village Trustee, James Dean.

"I Just wanted to come out and help our village crew because they're overwhelmed with getting ready. They work very hard all the time and now they have to work extra hard in a very short amount of time so I'm just trying to help out a little bit," says Dean.

Mayor Jeff Katz says everyone has been working tirelessly the past few days to get the small village in shape for President Obama.

"It's an incredible thrill and almost unbelievable. The last time there was a sitting President in Cooperstown was Martin Van Buren in 1839," says Katz.

It will be a historic and symbolic moment

as the first sitting President visits the Baseball Hall of Fame to pitch the bread and butter of Coopestown, tourism.

Hall of Fame President, Jeff Idelson says the President's visit couldn't come at a better time on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, which is the kick-off to the tourism season. He's also here to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

"A bit serendipitous if you will having the President be here on the Thursday of Memorial Day weekend right before the Hall of Fame classic that starts Friday with all these great ball players coming to town it's really great for this region," says Idelson.

The Cooperstown Bat Company on Main Street is pulling out all the stops. Co-Owner, Connie Haney says they're hoping the President slides in on his way home.

"We have made a special bat in hopes that he might stop by and pick it up. If he doesn't we'll get it to him somehow but it is our hope that he will stop by," says Haney.

When it comes to VIP visitors, the President is in a league of his own.