Exclusive-Mother of Marcellus student accused of threats says son was bullied

The mother of one of the Marcellus students who allegedly threatened school violence is speaking out exclusively to CNYCentral.

The woman, who CNYCentral is not identifying, says her son was the victim of bullying at school. She says that is no excuse for his threats, and she doesn't condone what he is accused of doing.

This mother says her son, a student at C.S. Driver Middle School, was bullied for two years at school. School officials say he and another student were overheard by other students on Monday having a disturbing conversation about violent movies and past school shootings. Later that night, another student told a parent what they had heard. The parent then contacted school officials on Tuesday morning.

School officials say they determined there was a credible threat. Deputies searched one of the students' homes and found a number of weapons. Investigators say the students indicated a desire to harm a couple of classmates.

The students are not being identified because of their age.

The mother we spoke with says her son broke down crying, telling her he was going to kill the student who was bullying him or kill himself. The woman says she does have guns in their home, but her ammunition is locked up in a cabinet and he was never able to access the weapons.

She says her son was always a sweet boy, but his demeanor changed in the last few years. She says he would come home angry from school. "He's a normal teenage boy," she said. "He's never wanted to hurt anybody...the bullying pushed him to this point."

The woman says her son was suspended indefinitely.