Exclusive one-on-one with SU senior guard Brandon Triche

Lisa Spitz interviews Brandon Triche

He's a senior at Syracuse University who downloads music everyday and a few times a semester his mom does his laundry. Sounds like any typical student. That he's not.

Senior guard Brandon Triche, 22, has started every game that he's played for the team. He recently scored a career-high 29 points in the matchup against Seton Hall.

"I've been feeling confident this whole season," Triche said. "I think I've been feeling more confident, though, in the past month getting to the basket and feeling like I could beat any player whoâ??s guarding me."

While fans know of his many accomplishments, they don't know as much about his life off the court. Triche has amassed more than 17,000 followers on twitter. He says he pretty much follows people he knows, like his teammates. On his iPod, he has a lot of R&B and rap.

"I also have a mixture of gospel too," Triche said. "For me, I live to listen to a lot of inspirational music, so music and artists with a message that kind of get me in my zone."

His basketball skills have landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but there's talent beyond basketball.

"I can draw pretty good," he said. "I like to sing, but I can't sing. I like to rap a little bit freestyle. I'm alright at that."

Triche grew up in Jamesville and graduated from Jamesville-DeWitt High School where he was a star basketball player with two state championships.

He was born into basketball and started playing organized ball when he was 5-years-old. His uncle, Howard Triche, played for the Orange and he says his uncle has more influence on him now.

"When I was growing up he'd show support and come to some of my games. Most of it in college was how to handle things," says Triche.

He says his uncle will text him when he has a good game and when a game doesn't go as well. He describes his uncle as "always positive."

Going to college close to home has its perks. These days he makes it home two or three times a week.

"Before then, it was every time I needed money I'd go home," Triche said. "If I needed money I'd take a peep home and watch a little TV because they do have better channels. They have full cable, so at my apartment I just have regular cable so I don't watch all the movies that I can."

Triche admits he likes to watch reality television.

"It used to watch 'Khloe and Lamar', that was last year on E!," he said. Now he says he watches whatever his mom wants including Oxygen.

Of course what all the female fans really want to know: Does he have a girlfriend?

"No, I don't. I have like 10 girlfriends," Triche jokes. "I try to focus on the things that are most important to me at the time so right now, it's school, basketball and my family."

There's a lot to focus on. Saturday is the big matchup against Georgetown University.

"This Georgetown game, we'll get 35,000 people coming so I mean, this is the type of atmosphere you want to be apart of," Triche says. These days, he says it seems every team is a rival.

"I think our biggest ones currently are Pittsburg and Louisville, but in the past it's been Georgetown," he said.

Tournament time is just around the corner and Triche is graduating at the right time. He says he doesn't want to play in the ACC, which SU joins later this year. He came to SU to play in the Big East, which Triche describes as, "strict hard nose basketball with numerous great coaches with longevity."

He says he always looked forward to the Big East Tournament.

"It's November, you're like, 'I can't wait till the Big East Tournament. I'm ready to save my money us so I can shop a little bit,'" he says.

Along the way, he says there have been many highlights.

"I think my most memorable moment will be in the future," Triche says. "This next month or so, I think is something I'm going to remember for a lifetime."

While he's enjoying the moment, he's also looking ahead. "Hopefully the next level is the NBA. I think I worked hard, school wise, taking care of what I had to take care of to graduate on time. Basketball wise, I'm doing pretty well at this time. I just have to continue and make sure I end the season on a good note."

He says his time on the court has taught him to be "mentally tough for anything."

"Every year I feel like it's something with us," Triche says. "It could be injury, it could be an incident where stuff happens off the court, it could be James [Southerland] being suspended for a few games. You have to face adversity, which pretty much tells you what type of person you are."

While he's perceived as a quiet person, it's more about focus. He says he does talk, but he just knows what he wants, and he's focused on going after it.