Exclusive: Solvay man stabbed 43 times and shot talks about wife's alleged betrayal

Michael LaPoint's house in Solvay.

Michael LaPointe says he doesn't take anything for granted after what he has experienced over the past month.

On May 4th, LaPoint says he walked out the back of his house on Williams Street in Solvay around 5:30 in the morning and heard someone moving near where his children keep their bikes. LaPoint says 42-year-old John Conway turned around and said "I told you to watch your back" before shooting LaPoint in the shoulder. LaPoint says he fell on the ground and Conway started stabbing him. LaPoint says he couldn't move but was able to shout for help, and then played dead.

Solvay Police say LaPoint was stabbed 42 times. At one point, LaPoint said Conway told him to "just die."

Michael LaPoint was hospitalized for eight days, but has mostly recovered. He says his wife, Virginia LaPoint, had been involved with Conway last winter but she had agreed to stop seeing him after Michael confronted her about the relationship. Michael says he and Virginia have been together for 20 years.

"I told her, if you want to leave, you can - but I'd like to work it out," said Michael LaPoint as he stood outside his house on Friday.

Michael LaPoint says he had not heard anything from Conway for two months before he was attacked in his backyard.

Solvay Police charged Conway in May with attempted murder in the second degree, assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

LaPoint says the family's computer was seized as a part of the investigation, and on Thursday he and his wife were told they could pick it up. When they entered the Solvay Police station, LaPoint says he and his wife were taken to different rooms and investigators told him they believe she was involved. A little while later, he says they told him she had confessed.

"She was living a lie," said Michael LaPoint. "Telling me a lie, telling our families a lie."

Virginia LaPoint is now charged with attempted murder, assault, conspiracy and criminal possession of a weapon. Investigators say she was involved with planning the attack and had full knowledge of it.

Michael LaPoint believes his wife was manipulated by John Conway.

"How could I ever look her in the eye knowing what she did?" said Michael LaPoint.

As he described the moment when investigators told him that his wife had confessed, LaPoint teared up. "It's not for her," he said. "It's for my kids."

"She was going to take me away from my kids."

Michael LaPoint says he is doing his best to be strong for the couple's five-year-old and three-year-old children.

"I told them Mommy had to go away for a while," he said.

The couple also has an 18-year-old child, and Micheal LaPoint says he knows it will be difficult for them to watch the criminal proceedings. He wonders how his wife would have explained things to their children if the attack on May 4th had killed him.

"I gave her every chance to leave the relationship, and she just wanted to erase me," said LaPoint.

Michael LaPoint says he will encourage his children to write letters to their mother, and will let them visit her in jail if they are allowed to.

"I can forgive, but I can't forget," LaPoint said.