Executive Joanie Mahoney reveals Onondaga Lake development plans

Joanie Mahoney

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney revealed tonight that the $30 million in state money earmarked for the area around Onondaga Lake will go a long way to revitalizing the industrial area in Solvay.

The county's contribution to the project will be $2.5 million. That money comes from the new gaming agreement with the Turning Stone Casino.

County Executive Mahoney says our community owes a great debt to Solvay for hosting industry throughout its history such as Allied Chemical. However, Solvay has been left with the blight of companies that pull out of town and leave industrial waste behind.

There are several other pieces to this phase of redeveloping the area around Onondaga Lake. The goal is to attract new business and jobs to the western shoreline.

The county executive talked revealed this details to CNY Central as a guest on The Talk on NBC 3 and CBS 5.

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