Experts say to report any suspicious child abuse cases

Ronald Clark


he sentencing of Ronald Clark to nearly thirty years in prison is getting reaction.

Jeff Schiano is the assistant District Attorney in Onondaga County. "He deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail frankly and he should never ever be allowed to breath the air that those two children breathe. It's just unbelievable to me," says Schiano.

Michele Cunningham works every day at McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center to prevent crimes like possession of child pornography and and sexual abuse.

She says the key to avoiding crimes like the ones Ronald Clark and David Renz have committed recently is to report a suspicious person, even if it's simply a hunch.

"I think it's more of the gut feeling that you have, you see something that just doesn't look right that you make that hotline call and I think a lot of times people they think oh I wonder if I'm wrong, should I make that call?" Cunningham.

At McMahon Ryan where they deal with Child Abuse each and every day they say it's better to report a suspicious person than to let a possible crime go unnoticed



I know from experience from working in this building. That they're not gonna, they will investigate it. They will investigate it completely and if it's unfounded it will be unfounded

," says Cunningham.

Recent cases tell us that the possession of child pornography can lead to violent acts.

"Possessing child pornography is not just possessing child pornography. We've now seen it twice in a couple of years," says Schiano.

Crimes which McMahon Ryan hope can be prevented from happening again.

The number for the Onondaga County Child abuse Hotline is 422-9701.