Extensive car damage plagues neighbors in Brewerton, Mexico

David Stevens' car is now dented from the hail storm that swept through Mexico.

MEXICO, N.Y.---Just one day after the severe storm of hail and whipping wind that destroyed properties and knocked down trees, neighbors and business owners are beginning to assess the damage- and that includes the lasting and expensive damage to their cars.

David Stevens doesn't even live in this Mexico mobile home park, but he was visiting friends here Thursday night.

"All of a sudden we hear something hit the trailer-we look at each other, eh, it's nothing don't worry about it. All of a sudden one, two three more times," said Stevens.

"It looked like our vehicles where just target practice. I got the whole right side of my car is gone, um, messed up his whole left side's messed up we got dents going up and down the front and back of it," said Stevens.

Stevens just bought this car two days ago.

He's getting estimates on what it'll take to fix it.

Ryan Schafer at Beaumont Auto Sales in Brewerton says every car on his lot suffered too.

"There's hundreds of dents on all the vehicles on our lot. The hood, the roof, the deck lids, quarter panels, the doors. Pretty extensive damage," said Schafer.

There's at least 40 cars out there, some that customers were ready to pick up.

He's been calling them to break the news.

"If they still want to purchase the vehicle, if so, would they like a discount off the price? Or would they like us to have the cars professionally repaired," explained Schafer.

Schafer estimates each car will cost him one to $2,000 dollars to fix.

There's one thing he and David agree on after this storm.

"Mother Nature's a cruel woman," laughed Stevens.

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