Eyewitnesses claim David Davis intended to kill his boyfriend during domestic dispute in Sedgwick

Dale Schantz

On Tuesday night, Zack Mitchell and Timothy Carroll were in the basement of 209 Wendell Terrace when they heard their friends, Dale Schantz and David Davis fighting upstairs.

They climbed the stairs to see what was going on, when Carroll says he saw Davis choking Schantz.

Carroll says the two were in an abusive relationship. Carroll says he found his friend Dale Schantz with a black eye two weeks ago.

Carroll says the two got in a fight over money. He claims Davis asked Schantz for $10 to buy marijuana, to which Schantz refused. Thatâ??s when Carroll says Davis started attacking and choking Schantz.

Officers were called, and when they arrived, found Schantz in cardiac arrest. Schantz was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Davis is charged with second degree manslaughter, but Carroll and Mitchell say they want the charge increased to murder. The two say they believe that Davis intended to kill Schantz.