FAA delays closing airport control towers

Ithaca's airport, and Rome's will keep their control towers open in a last-minute FAA decision

The FAA was set to shutter 24 airport control towers on Sunday, including the ones at Ithaca's Tompkins Regional Airport and Rome's Griffiss International. But, there's a last minute delay.

The airport control towers will stay open, at least until June 15th, because a lawsuit's been filed, and the FAA wants to clear it up before moving forward.

Fifty airport operators and communities are also indicating they may want to pay for operation of the towers themselves and the delay would give time to working out details.

In all, 149 air traffic control towers would lose their staff, under FAA budget cut plans under the 'sequester'. Pilots would then have to use a common frequency to work with other planes in the area, to keep themselves safe.

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