Facebook adds security measures to protect against "clickjacking"

The next time you log onto Facebook, rest assured there are new security measures in place to ward off hackers behind some recent attacks.

The added security features are designed to protect you from getting your account clickjacked.

If you TMre wondering what that means, it TMs when a user follows a link to a news story or video that then spams their friends.

Click here to watch how it can happen.

To block clickjacking, Facebook will now ask users to confirm before posting a story to their profile or to their friends TM news feeds.

Facebook will also offer authentication login approvals, requiring users to enter a code whenever they log into the site from a new or unrecognized device.

Welcome to the new era of hacking. Social networking sites are prime targets for cyber threats. In fact, the number of spam, phishing and malware attacks on social networking sites doubled from 2009 to 2010. Read more about it by clicking here .

Sophos, a company that work with organizations to keep their data safe, says the malware threat is real and continues to grow at an alarming rate .

If a hacker is savvy enough to get your personal information, it can be sold to advertisers or even used to steal your identity.

Check out this Q&A about how to prevent a clickjacking.

Have you ever been the victim of a clickjacking? Do you think Facebook and other social networking sites are taking this seriously enough? Do they need to do more to protect their users? Leave your thoughts below.