Facebook fatigue: Is it starting to lose appeal?

While reading this, many of you are probably flipping back and forth with Facebook. At any given moment, millions are logged onto the social media giant. But could that be waning?

A new study suggests Facebook may be losing its popularity.

According to Inside Facebook, a site that analyzes the social network, Facebook may have lost about 6 million users in the U.S. in just one month.

A Facebook spokesperson says that number is a bit high, and they typically see a drop in users during the spring as the weather gets nicer and college students head home for summer break.

What no one can argue is how mainstream Facebook has become. With nearly 700 million users worldwide, it is a force to be reckoned with, with tremendous appeal and incredible reach. These days, it seems almost everyone has a Facebook profile from restaurants and museums to your boss, babysitter and dear old grandmother. But could that be part of what's turning people off?

What started as an idea in a college dorm room has blossomed into a billion dollar enterprise. In fact, CNBC says Facebook could be worth an estimated $100 billion. It could go public by the first quarter of next year.

Here's what some of you are saying about this on CNY Central's Facebook page:

Gerry Orlando:"It wouildn't surprise me if Facebook's popularity did eventually wane, if it hasn't already. I think that some people may start posting on Facebook expecting it to change their lives...a busier social life, better business prospects, new romances, etc. If someone eventually realizes that their life is pretty much the same even after all of the Facebook back-and-forth posting, they COULD become disenchanted and lose interest. That isn't the case for everyone on Facebook, but I could see it being the case for some."

Timothy Mitchell:"facebook isn't going anywhere....what a gift!"

Charlotte Cottrell:"Dont mess with my facebook. Facebook cant go no where thats how Ive got reconnected with people an this is my way to keep in touch, vent ,an share things with friends an fam, I'm on everyday. Leave it alone."

Do you use Facebook? If so, how often? Are you losing interest in it? Do you think over time it's appeal with wane? Why? What do you think will replace it? Leave your thoughts below.