Fairgoers sound off on lack of bathroom attendants

One of the many restroom buildings at the State Fair / photo: Niko Tamurian

Every year at the New York State Fair there are new changes that grab the attention of fairgoers from around the state.

Not as glamorous or as popular of a change as the donut burger, the bathrooms across the Fairgrounds no longer have attendants waiting in them offering you a paper towel, among other house cleaning services.

Fairgoers we spoke with today weren't big fans of the change

"I'm not sure that was a good way to go" said Bob Hogle of Minoa.

Hogle did add that he didn't notice a major difference in the cleanliness of the restrooms.

Michele Nole of Clinton had the workers on her mind.

"Those people (the workers), this was probably how they were paying for Christmas."

Have you used a bathroom at the Fairgrounds? Do you agree with the changes this year? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.