Families and enthusiasts anchor down at the CNY Boat Show


he Central New York Boat Show is celebrating more than 40 years of bringing together families and boating enthusiasts. Linda Phillips has been coming with the rest of her family to the State Fairgrounds for over 30 years from Binghamton.

"Coming with the family, it's a big family event. It's really nice for the family," says Phillips. "We look forward to it, it's like a break for the winter, a nice winter break."

Little Olivia Gallagher is from Ontario and this is her first year with her family. "I like how it goes fast and I can fall off and stuff, it's really cool," says Gallagher.

This show is more than just about selling these boats to the vendors. Larry and Bob Foster are brothers and they are each co-owners for Schermerhorn Harbor near the Thousand Islands.

"We're in the boat selling business, but it really has more to do with that, we try to build customer loyalties. This is where your customers are, you gotta go," says Larry. "We take trade-ins, absolutely. We'd be glad to take their trades, especially Pontoon boats, they're hard to get your hands on."

"Building relationships (and) boats sales, they go hand in hand, but relationships are the most important thing. People sell the boats and get out of boating, so you always have to keep replacing it, so the object is to build relationships," says Bob.

Whether you're looking for something sportier like a wave-runner, or looking to make some money selling back an old boat, this show is about having a good time and getting ready for the warmer months.

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