Families brave the snow for opening night of Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice presents Passport to Adventure visits War Memorial Jan. 2-5.

Despite the snow, the show must go on.

The War Memorial was packed for the first night of Disney on Ice, but it wasn't easy for Jen Gilliland to get there from Baldwinsville.

"It's pretty treacherous. We started just after 6:30 so it took us a good 45 minutes to get out here which is not normal," says Gilliland.

Keri Henderson brought her daughter Mackenzie from Bridgeport and says snow is just part of life here in Central New York.

"It's perfect though. It woudln't be Central New York without it. It's not our first rodeo," says Henderson.

Even after hearing the forecast and spending some time outside, these parents were still planning on making the trek because it just wasn't worth it to see the disappointment on their kid's faces.

Stacey Colton brought her family from West Monroe.

"There was no way I was going to tell my daughter no after counting down the days to see mickey on ice. It wasn't going to happen," says Colton.

Christina Chamberlain says Disney on Ice is a yearly tradition for her Oswego family.

"It was pretty bad when we got out of work but there was never a question. We were still going to come," says Chamberlain.

All the kids were wearing the same uniform

a warm jacket and a big smile.

The tickets were a birthday present for Marissa Gilliland, 7.

"I'm feeling very excited and happy. I've been here before and it's really exciting," says Gilliland.

For parents, those smiles make snow seem like nothing.

Disney on Ice presents Passport to Adventure is visiting the Oncenter War Memorial Arena from Thursday, January 2-5.