Families Celebrate Mom by Going Out

Shoppers eating at Destiny USA

The tables are packed. The lines are long and it's all for one reason.

Sharon Jasek likes sitting down and relaxing with her family on a day meant for her and other mother's everywhere. "Mothers traditionally do the cooking and the cleaning and they really don't want to make a meal today. They like to be with their families and enjoy it," says Jasek.

Mother's Day is a holiday to many families across Central New York. They take the entire family out dressed in their Sunday best.

Jauquema Jones was with her family eating dinner at Destiny USA, after coming from Rochester for a church service in the morning in Syracuse. "It's a different environment. At home it's really good and we have a lot of our dinners at home with the kids, but sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy, be served and feel appreciated and you can definitely get that here," says Jones.

Shoppers waited as long as an hour in order to sit down at some of the restaurants inside Destiny USA. Many eating here on Mother's Day say the time spent standing and waiting for dinner was well worth the wait.

John Forbes was with his family outside the Cheesecake Factory. "It's nice to treat the mothers, just so they don't have to worry about cooking. This is one of the days when they can just sit down, relax and be with their families and not have to worry abut the clean up afterwards and to just enjoy life," says Forbes.

Some eating dinner say Mother's Day is special to them, because it gives them the opportunity to see their mom for the first time in a long time.

Olivia Ugino met her mother at the mall, before her final exams start this week at SUNY Oswego. "Well, as a college student I don't really get to see my mom very often, so I get to come down to the mall and visit with her and eat dinner with her and it's just really special," says Ugino.

The weather outside only added to Mother's Day, providing a special treat to the end of the day which has been hard to come by.

"You want to enjoy the weather while you can. It had so many unconsistencies, or inconsistencies rather so being able to enjoy the weather is awesome too," says Jones.