Families enjoy the 4th of July at the ballpark

NBT Bank Stadium


he 4th of July was alive today both inside and outside NBT Bank Stadium. At the 4th of July Festival, the Syracuse Chiefs and CNYCentral teamed up to bring people throughout the area a weekend of family fun.

Russell Evans came to watch his hometown team as well. "It brings everyone together, family and friends and everything," says Evans.

No matter what you think represents America on the Fourth of July, everyone was out enjoying the carnival rides food and of course their hometown Syracuse Chiefs for a double header tonight.

While some looked forward to carnival rides and baseball on our country's birthday, many others today see a deeper purpose.

Jeremy Connors was out today at the ballpark with his girlfriend and daughter. "It's a good celebration the star spangled banner, it's got fireworks going off. It's just, it is it's for everyone, it's special, very special," says Connors. "One of my best friends, he just got back out of the marine corps so he did some time overseas and he's back now. Unfortunately he's not here with us."

Sgt. Glen Gannier took part in the music for today's game while he played wit the 198th Army Band from Rochester. "The first piece of music was actually thrown out by a sailor, a pearl harbor survivor and he got a standing ovation as he deserves it and then the fort drum color guard was out in place already with the American flag and we play the national anthem and it's always a great piece of music to hear," says Gannier.

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