Family of young EEE victim plans new fundraiser

The family of a young EEE victim is fundraising to push for a publicly available vaccine--their next event is next Saturday, in New Haven

The family of an Oswego County girl who died of mosquito-borne EEE in is getting ready for its second fundraiser, aimed at making human vaccines available to all who are at risk.

Donna WIlcox, whose niece Maggie Sue Glenister Wilcox died in August, 2011, was our guest on Saturday morning's Weekend Today in Central NY to talk about next weekend's planned 'Bug Run', a motorcycle ride and field days in New Haven next Saturday.

This will be the second fundraiser for the MSGW foundation (the first, last March, raised over $15,000). The goal is to fund the campaign for a human vaccine generally available for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (the US Army has had one since the mid-1960s), as well as for West Nile and Lyme Disease and other mosquito and tick-borne illnesses.

While there is no EEE vaccine easily available, Mrs. Wilcox showed us another preventive, 'Dunks' which are bags of larvacide to put in standing water, to prevent mosquito eggs from hatching. The are available free from Oswego County Soil & Water in Fulton (592-9663) or for sale in home improvement stores.

There's more information on the MSGSW Facebook page. The Bug Run and Field Days are at Hazzy's on Rte 104 in New Haven, next Saturday (June 15) 10am - 6pm.

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