Family Court Judge Kim Seager accused of placing kids in dangerous homes

Family Court Judge Kim Seager

A Family Court Judge in Oswego County is under fire for allegedly placing children in dangerous situations.

The chairman of the Oswego County Legislature is expected to send a letter Monday to Chief Administrative Judge James Tormey asking him to examine the record of Family Court Judge Kimberly Seager. The letter is the result of a closed door session last week in which legislators met with representatives of the Department of Social Services, Probation, the Oswego County Attorney and local School Superintendents.

According to legislator Doug Malone, who attended the meeting, they discussed two recent court decisions in which Judge Seager's decisions were overturned on appeal. One decision involved placing two children with a grandmother who had previously been cited for neglecting her own children.

Malone told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, that he felt the closed door session was illegal. "It's about protecting our kids." he said, "this ought to be a high priority."

Judge Seager could not be reached for comment.

Oswego County has instituted a number of changes in the way it deals with child protective services following the August 2008 death of Erin Maxwell. The 11 year old was murdered by her brother Alan Jones in a home full of animals, feces and garbage. Investigators found that DSS caseworkers had visited the home several times but allowed Maxwell to remain in the home.