Family, friends and strangers come to fundraiser for 4-month-old Jameson Benedict

Jameson Benedict


t was a day to remember at the Village lanes in East Syracuse for Brandon and Dawn Benedict, the parents of Jameson Benedict.

"I don't even know how to take it. It's way too much, I've already had to go walk out and sit down, it's a lot all at once," says Brandon Benedict.

"It's beyond overwhelming to know how much support we have, whether it be from close friends to acquaintances to people who... we have no clue who some of the people are. It's just amazing the kind of support that we get from community members, family, friends, it's just beyond overwhelming," says Dawn Benedict.

Friends and family of little 4-month-old Jameson Benedict planned a fundraiser for the family's mounting medical bills as he remains in Crouse Hospital for more than 100 days. Dawn Benedict says doctors had difficulty removing him from oxygen today. Due to these complications, the family does not expect him to be back from the hospital until late this upcoming week or early into the following week, After hearing about Jameson's compelling story, even strangers such as Tanya Kowalik who didn't know the Benedict family were driven out here this afternoon.

"Seeing the tubes on him and stuff and he didn't... he don't deserve that. He's a baby and why should a baby be in that much pain and suffer like that? I pray for him just like everybody else does and I thank God about my own kids. I'm a Mom and I think all Mom's are here to support the baby and the family too," says Kowalik.

Support which came in the form of raffle tickets and pizza today at the bowling alley.