Family holds benefit for daughter electrocuted in pool

Paige Scheel


ozens of people from the Syracuse community came to the Eastwood American Legion on Sunday for a fundraiser to help the family of 12-year-old Paige Scheel. Adults came to buy raffle tickets while kids got their faces painted, all to help a family coping with a devastating tragedy.

Paige electrocuted in July while filling an inflatable pool with water in her backyard.

The family is looking to raise several thousand dollars to help pay for Paige's headstone. The Scheel family also says they plan to use some of the money raised to help them find a new home.

They're looking to move away from their apartment on Second North Street in Syracuse where the accident happened and continue coping somewhere else, even if it's just down the street.

Today was especially difficult for Paige's mother, Bethany who says Paige's love of others is what convinced her to come out today to help raise money in her daughter's honor.

"I wasn't even sure if I was going to come myself, but then I figured my daughter loved people and she loved being around people, so for her that's why I'm here," says Bethany Scheel.

Frank McCauliffe is a longtime family friend of the Scheel's. "I myself couldn't imagine going through it, but like I said everyone is here to support Bethany and John and help them in any way they can. Financially if they need somebody to lean on to cry on, to vent with, everybody here is friends so that's what they'll do for them," says McCauliffe.

The family says they've already received enough donation to cover the cost of the funeral and are thankful for those donation as well as help from private businesses who have provided food and the venue to host today's benefit.