Family members react to Castor's sentence

Stacey Castor / file photo

Their lives were changed forever by one woman. Now there is a sense of closure for two families as they watched Stacey Castor learn her fate.

"I hope that every day she feels pain, and she's not gonna obviously feel as much pain as she delivered, but hopefully she at least feels pain," said David Castor Junior.

She has been referred to as a 'monster' and 'the face of evil', a woman who tore apart so many lives. Now, Castor heads off to prison to spend the rest of her days behind bars.

"Burn, burn. How could you destroy people that you love, that are your world? If you can destroy the people you love, how many others and how many more would you," said Janice Poissant, David Castor's ex-wife.

For the family of Michael Wallace, this nightmare isn't over yet. They're still searching for justice for a man allegedly killed by the person he trusted as his wife. "I know my brother had a lot of demons, but the biggest demon of all that he had to fight was her and he didn't even know it," said Rosemary Corbett, Michael Wallace's sister.

Stacey Castor has not been charged in Michael Wallace's death, but she is the prime suspect and his family vows to keep fighting so they can finally find the closure they so desperately need. "We all want to know why, why she did all this. We all want to know why," Corbett said.

The years have been filled with anguish and pain, but there is now some comfort knowing Stacey Castor will paying for what she did. There are still so many questions, though, because everyone wants to know why.