Family mourning teen killed in golf cart crash

The family of Elaina Canestrare, 14, is just starting the process of healing from this tragic accident.

Saturday night was supposed to be a happy one at the Rolling Hills Road home in Camillus. Cheryl Chemotti was hosting a family celebration there. Chemotti said she was here by the bonfire when her nIece, Elaina Canestrare, got behind the wheel of Chemotti's golf cart with three others for a last ride around the property. Letting them do that is a decision that's haunting Chemotti.

Chemotti said, "It could have been poor judgement. I don't know. But all you do is try to make the right decision and think you're doing the right thing."

Camillus Police say the cart was travelling on the road when it rolled over. Family said the cart never left the property. Elaina died at the hospital.

"We are just devastated over this because it was just a day of so much family and fun and love and just everything. My nieces and nephews are everything to us," said Chemotti.

Now they're only left with pictures of Elaina and the memories of the good times together with family. "You can beat yourself up over it, but you can't bring her back no matter what. You just can't," said Chemotti.

Elaina was in ninth grade at Solvay High School. The superintendent says there will be councilors at the school Monday for students. Her brother is also a student in the district and there will be councilors for his classmates as well.

Previous coverage of this story:

Camillus police continue to investigate an overnight golf cart crash at a father's day family gathering.

It happened just before 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

Investigators tell us 14-year-old Elaina Canestrare, of the Town of Geddes, was driving with her 10-year-old brother and two others.

Police say they were riding on their aunt's land, but then went up Rolling Hills Road, turned to come back to the property, and flipped the cart as they went into the driveway.

The cart landed on Canestrare. She was then transported to SUNY Upstate Medical University where she later died from the injuries.

Her brother was treated at the hospital for non life threatening head injury.

The two others had minor cuts.

Police say alcohol was not a factor in the crash.