Family of Triple-E victim working for cure to mosquito disease

Maggie Wilcox died from EEE, and now her family has a foundation to try and find a cure. Their first fundraiser is next Saturday.

4 year old Maggie Wilcox died from mosquito-borne Triple-E two summers ago. Now, the family of the New Haven girl has set up a foundation in her name, aimed at raising awareness of the disease, and also to push for a cure.

Maggie's uncle, Michael Wilcox, was our guest on Sunday morning's Weekend Today in Central New York, and said that the awareness part involves getting information on who the disease targets (children under 15 and the elderly).

The major effort, however, is aimed at promoting research and development of a human vaccine for the virus. He says there's a 'glimmer of hope.' Eastern Equine Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain. Symptoms include sudden headach, high fever, chills and vomiting, leading to disorientation, seizures, coma and ultimately death. One in three humans who are infected due, and survivors usually have irreversible brain damage. Right now, there is no cure.

The MSGW Foundation has its first fundraiser on Saturday (March 2), noon - 5pm at Oswego's American Foundry. For more, you can go to their Facebook Page or email You can also call: 592-1033