Family of 1987 Geneva murder victim asking for help solving cold case

A lot can change in 27 years. Memories fade, people grow older or move away - but for the family Benigno Torres, the frustration and pain have stayed the same. His nieces were too young to know him when he was murdered March 16th, 1987 in his Geneva apartment. No arrests have been made but Millie Santiago and her sisters are not giving up. The nieces came up from New Jersey for at a vigil on the 27th anniversary of Torres murder and said they will work to keep attention on his case.

"He had two sisters that died wanting to know who killed him, who committed this crime," said Millie Santiago.

The Benigno Torres case is the only unsolved murder case in Geneva. The 67 year-old native of Puerto Rico was found stabbed and with his throat cut in his apartment near Genesee Park. His apartment had been ransacked and looked like a robbery but his wallet still had $240 dollars in it and gold jewelry was left behind.

"There was an undetermined amount of money and currency taken from the residence but there was some left behind. We're reviewing all options as far as a motive is concerned," said Geneva Police Chief Jeffery Trickler.

Torres' family and friends are frustrated by 27 years of waiting for answers. They would like to see Geneva Police ask for help from the New York State Police before even more time passes.

"I'm not from the state of New York, I'm not sure how it works but I would think they should ask for help - if that's going to help solve the case. I think 27 years is too long," said Santiago.

Chief Trickler says investigators re-opened the case in 2008 and had original crime scene evidence tested for DNA in 2011 but did not get any usable results. Trickler says new interviews and leads have also been generated in recent years and his department is open to collaborating with the state police.

"New York State Police have helped us on homicides before. We have a good working relationship with them along with other law enforcement agencies. As we investigate this, it can be a cooperative effort," said Trickler.

Torres' family believes there are people still in the Geneva area who know what happened and hope someone will do the right thing, support a grieving family and help catch a killer.