Family of 5 rescued from house fire, thanks to neighbors, strangers and first responders

This is all that's left of a home on Wynmoor Drive, Cicero. 5 people did make it out safely.

Cicero Fire Chief Jon Barrett was just a short ways away when the alarm came in for a house fire on Wynmoor Drive, in October 2012, but when he got there, he could see it was a major fire, with some of the occupants already out on the home's lawn.

Neighbor Ron Lafaver saw the house in flames, and called 9-1-1 while his wife Judy ran out and yelled for the family to get out.

Passers-by Don Miller and Eric Ungleich stopped to help, and Police Sgt John Baldini was also on scene. Along with Chief Barrett, they went into high gear when they heard someone was still inside, and were able to get a 16 year old boy down from a second storey window.

The neighborhood has been very generous to the burned-out family, with benefits to help them, but Barrett also worries that more people are not involved before incidents: he'd like to see more citizen involvement in volunteer fire companies.

For their efforts, all those involved in the Wynmoor rescue are this year's Red Cross Real Heroes Fire Rescue Award Winners.

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