Family of Sandra Olrich wants lawmakers to keep convicted killer behind bars

Family and friends of Sandra Olrich prepare to go to Albany to meet with state lawmakers

Family and friends of Sandra Olrich stopped in Canastota on Tuesday morning on their way to Albany to meet with state lawmakers. They say the parole board's last minute decision to temporarily rescind Howard Marnell's upcoming release was a relief but they now want to make sure Marnell stays behind bars for good.

"People such as this going free without some type of public input this affects our community as a whole not just myself and these people behind me but our community,â?? says Patrick Marnell, Howard Marnell's brother.

Howard Marnell has spent the last 30 years in prison for the brutal 1982 murder of his sister in law Sandra Olrich. Marnell was scheduled to be let out on parole on April 16th.

Olrich's sister Lorrie Tily says the family was not fairly represented at Marnell's last parole hearing and they want to change that.

"The fact we are not able to be at the parole board hearing is a big issue, a big issue. I think that alone would keep someone in jail a lot longer so the committee could see the impact,â?? says Tily.

For Olrich's family and friends a new parole hearing for Howard Marnell brings a sigh of relief, but also concern that the man who brutally beat and stabbed Sandra Olrich to death could still one day be a free man.

â??In a way there is more anxiety but at least we know we will have at least another month of safety,â?? says Tily.

The families of Sandra Olrich and Howard Marnell met with State lawmakers today. Representatives fron Senator Valesky's and Senator DeFrancisco's offices met at the office of Senator Ritchie. The lawmakers told the families they've been in touch with the Governor's office as well

The parole board will now review statements submitted by family members. The new parole hearing for Howard Marnell will take place in May.

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