Family of Syracuse man missing for 14 years still hopes for answers

Guy Pyke disappeared on April 2, 1999.

It was 14 years ago, on April 2, 1999, that Guy Pyke left his home in Howlett Hill to visit relatives in Watertown and never came back.

For his granddaughter, Jennifer Woods, it's been 14 years filled with questions, hope, and fears.

"It was hard. You always wondered if that would be the moment he would walk through the door," says Woods.

Since he disappeared, Pyke's youngest son and wife of more than 50 years passed away.

"She had a calendar it would sit right there and everyday at 3pm she would circle the day on the calendar and how many days it had been," says Woods.

When she passed away on New Year's Day 2012, Woods made her grandmother a promise.

"I told her I would not stop searching, I would not stop until we had answers and he was laid to rest next to her where he should be," says Woods.

It's a cold case with the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department. Lt. John D'Eredita admits it's a strange case because they have never found any leads.

"Even cold cases, you've had in the past, you'll have peaks and valleys. Where some information comes in and then it dries up but what's unique about this is no information about the vehicle or the individual has surfaced," says Lt. D'Eredita.

Pyke was 70-Years-Old when he disappeared, last seen seen driving a 1989 Chevrolet Blazer.

As much as Jennifer and her mother, Susan want to believe he's still alive, they knows it's unlikely, but refuse to give up hope.

"I mean I still look for his vehicle everywhere I go and I look in crowds of people," says Woods.

All they want is to bury him next to his wife and bring the family some comfort and closure after all these years.