Family planning courthouse memorial for Syracuse attorney Jim McGraw

Jim, Terri and Peter McGraw.

The wife of longtime Syracuse defense attorney Jim McGraw wants people to remember him for being the quintessential gentleman. McGraw passed away today at the age of 70.


He was an amazing guy. Great husband and father

," said Terri McGraw. "

He had the biggest heart of anyone I know. He did not become a defense attorney for money he did it for justice.


The family is beginning plans to hold some type of public memorial in the Onondaga County courthouse where Jim McGraw defended hundreds of clients over the years. Terri McGraw first met her future husband when she worked as a television news reporter working the courthouse beat. "I want people to know. His track record was second to none. He had more wins of cases brought to trial that ranked with any attorney across the county, " said McGraw.


He was so into the right thing to do. Above all else his ethics were most important

," Mcgraw remembered.


He was in it for the under dog


The family has received calls from all over the country in the hours following his death. Friends, colleagues and former clients are all expressing their condolences.

His wife confirmed Jim McGraw collapsed died in Jefferson County court in Watertown where he was about to take part in a hearing.

Terri Mcgraw said, "

He always said he would keep going until he...

" Her voice trailed off. "H

e did it his way.