Family raising money for service dog to help daughter with Tourette Syndrome

Emily's family is fundraising to help pay for her to have a service dog to help.

15-year-old Emily Jones, of Manlius, suffers from Tourette Syndrome, making every day a struggle. Emily has tried both medication and behavioral therapy to try controlling the tics, but neither treatment has worked particularly well.

Her family is frustrated with the treatment failures. "You just get to a point where you're like, 'Enough is enough,' " said Emily's mom, Dr. Monica Jones. "I just want her to have some peace."

For Emily, living with Tourette Syndrome is a constant struggle. "I'm afraid to let my tics out because I'm embarrassed of them, and I'm afraid people are going to make fun of me."

The family is now turning to a service dog as a new treatment for Emily. The dog, named Casey, will serve as a buffer for Emily when she's faced with large crowds in public, will help her if she has a tic attack, and can also assist if she loses her balance because of a tic.

Emily will begin training with Casey this summer, but the dog is an expense the family needs help to afford. The dog, plus one year of training, will cost $32,000. The family is now fundraising to pay for the expense.

They will be holding a fundraiser at the Palace Theater on April 24th at 5:30. Donations can be made via an online fund at