Fans and Businesses prepare for the Final Four

SU fans are buying TV's to watch Saturday's big game.


nticipation is building in Syracuse as the Orange prepare to take the court in the Final Four. Both fans and businesses alike are showing their Orange pride. Because many Orange faithful expect success form their Orange, fans were waiting to buy a new TV until the team made it further in the tournament.

Business is spiking at Ra-Lin now that Syracuse is in the Final Four. They are selling as many as twenty big screen TV's a day. Paul Clark is a salesman for Ra-Lin. "TV's are a lot less expensive, it's easier for customers to buy the bigger better TV and I think they just need an excuse to buy a bigger and a better TV," says Clark.

Jerry McCarthy was looking for a TV today to watch Saturday's big game on. "I'm looking to step up into a bigger size probably around a 47, 48. Something that's not overwhelming in the room, but something that has good color and good brightness and good quality," says McCarthy.

Shannon Gross knows how good the picture is on these large TV's. "Definitely the higher definition TV's, you can see them a lot better and you can make it louder so it feels like you're more at the game," says Gross.

Televisions were not the only items being bought across Syracuse. Jason Patterson is a Co-Manager with Price Chopper on Erie Blvd. He says they have sold over 1,000 bags of potato chips and cases of Pepsi in the past two days. "Everybody's pretty pumped up about it I've seen more orange shirts and more orange sweatshirts and hats. Everybody's really wound up and we're all pretty excited," says Patterson.

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