Fans are split after watching Michael Carter-Williams declare for the NBA.

Michael Carter-Williams declares for the NBA.


yracuse Guard Michael Carter-Williams declared for the NBA draft. This brings his two years spent with the Orange to a close. In downtown Syracuse at Saltine Warrior, fans were mixed over whether they felt this was the right move.

Michael Ogburn is a Syracuse basketball fan and he feels that there is value in a college degree. "I think he should probably finish out his college and get the experience there. If he leaves the NBA in two years, then what does he have to fall back on," says Ogburn.

Another Orange fan, Tracy Lee-Rumph, sees this situation differently. "It's a good move, it's a good move for him. I think he's ready athletically, mentally he's ready, but when everybody goes to the NBA they got to improve themselves, they got to show their worth in the NBA coming from out of college," says Lee-Rumph.

Mike Toepp is interested to see the NBA draft this June, where his worth will be determined. Toepp remembers SU players in the past leaving early, too. "It's just part of the game, things have evolved over the years. The Big East used to mean that everyone used to stay four years. Things have changed over the last 10 years or so, because they can't go right out of high school," says Toepp.

Tom Esposito has seen the Orange come back after losing players of this caliber before. "I think we're going to pick up and move forward. It's clear since the early 2000s that our program had lived and died by out recruitment," says Esposito.

Analysts are projecting Carter-Williams to go in the middle of the first round.