Fans enjoy home opener for their Syracuse Crunch


n downtown Syracuse it was back to Crunch hockey.

Nathaniel Tonzi was at the game taking in all the action. "

The energy in any hockey game is explosive


because every second is intense, every second something's going on. It's great you can watch penalty kills -- power plays, goals assists -- you can cheer for anything in a hockey game


it's great.

Kathy Agugliaro was one of the other fans out at the game. "I love the excitement and I love the fights, that's the best part and just seeing the fans and how everybody gets into it," says Agugliaro.

Inside a packed War Memorial, Crunch fans tried getting the best view they could as their hometown team took on the rival Rochester Americans.

Jamie Bough had fun seeing his team drop the puck for the first home game. "Rochester is our thruway rival and it's very exciting for us to have them as the home opener. They're definitely our rival and we just want to win this game any way we can," says Bough.


t's always been like a big rivalry between them


it'll be great and now they got a new team too in Utica so we're thinking of going to some of those games

," says Aguglario.

After seeing their team achieve such success last year by appearing in the Calder Cup finals for their first time in team history some Syracuse Crunch fans are already making some bold predictions for the team this year.

"Oh to go all the way, to make it right to that Calder Cup and win that one, I think we can do it," says Aguglario.

It's a season filled with anticipation as downtown Syracuse gets back to Crunch hockey.