Fans excited to see Cloris Leachman and the "Adult World" debut at the Landmark Theater in Syracuse

"Adult World" debut


he 10th annual Syracuse film festival wrapped up Sunday with the premiere of "Adult World," a movie shot last year in Syracuse. The film stars Emma Roberts, who plays a recent college graduate who dreams of becoming a poet, but ends up working for an adult book store.

The movie also stars John Cusak, who plays a mentor to Roberts' character.

Syracuse's Landmark theater rolled out the red carper Sunday night. The movie attracted big-name actors including Oscar-winning actress Cloris Leachman, who plays the former owner of an adult book store where Emma Roberts character works.

"I had a wonderful time making it, I had a wonderful experience staying here when we were making the movie. It's been quite a while now so I'm absolutely new to Syracuse and the movie, I'm very interested to see it," says Leachman.

Despite the movie's premise, one of the producers Justin Nappi, says it's a film anyone can and should go and see.

"When I first made this movie, I thought that it was for a younger audience, but it's really not because the meaning really kind of transcends through to every age group," says Nappi.

Christine Chung was one of the fans who was enjoying the debut. "Knowing that something so big and so great happened so close to where I take my classes where I'm learning everything I'm learning. It kind of makes you realize that, everybody says you kind of have to go out to LA to make a career in this, but everything can make a full circle," says Chung.

From its beginnings in Syracuse, the movie's producer says it will soon be available to anyone. "Adult World" will be released on Netflix and iTunes and makes its debut in theaters shortly after the start of the New Year.