Fans excited to see their Orange win against Western Michigan

Fans pack into Rosie's on Tipp Hill.


he energy in th


bar in Rosie's on Tipp Hill was

absolutely electrifying. Fans from all over Central New York packed into Rosie's to watch their hometown team tip off in their first game in the NCAA tournament.
Just about everyone is excited after the SU victory over Western Michigan, for what many are saying is the start of a second season.

Sam Penizotto was cheering the team on with some of his friends. "

I mean it's the NCAA tournament, it's what everyone looks forward to all year. The regular season games is fun, but it doesn't really mean anything until you get here

," says Penizotto.

Many fans like Max Frangione left work early or even took the day off just so they could see their team tip off on Thursday afternoon.


veryone's so


so engrossed in it here. Our office let us leave early and it's been fantastic

," says Frangione.

This game and this victory means much more to these Orange faithful after watching the team lose in their first game in the ACC tournament.

Mimi Appel watched the Orange win at Rosie's."W

hat's in the past is in the past, and this is the tournament

," says Appel.

Just like last year, fans like John Beard are rallying behind SU for what they hope will be another trip to the final four.


I was at the final four last year and I hope they go again to Arlington, Texas this year. They played great, they're back to form and we're ready to kick butt

," says Beard.


he energy really peaked
at Rosie's during on of Jerami Grants' dunks when the entire crowd started screaming and shouting. For right now, most SU fans are looking ahead to Saturday when they get a chance in the second round of the NCAA tournament to face off against the Dayton Flyers.

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