Fans feeling mixed emotions now that the ACC schedule is here

The ACC will bring new changes and rivalries next season to the Carrier Dome.

Next season will be Syracuse University's debut in the ACC and SU has learned who they will be facing at home and on the road for the 2013-14 basketball season. Fans on Marshall Street had mixed feelings after seeing their hometown team come off of the Final Four in the Big East.

One local musician playing and feeling the blues knows how important the Big East was to local revenue.

"I don't even think they're going to be playing Connecticut . They'll miss playing all the big rivals. That really brings revenue to Syracuse, because those games are jam packed."

Austin Paulnack feels it is best to turn the page on last year, as well as the Big East. "It's like starting a new chapter. With Syracuse we support the home team, but we don't have a record or memory of who they're playing because it's a new team from a different conference," says Paulnack.

May Maw is excited for this new chapter. "It's going to be a new atmosphere, but I mean I'm going to miss Georgetown and what it brought by saying 'Beat Georgetown,' but let's say "beat Duke," says Maw. "A new generation with a new perspective, we can do this, we can do this. I'm excited."

Nichole Byron is excited as well. "It's something different, but different is always good. I'm excited to see what the boys have to offer and the different teams and players. Who's going to be the good player on their team compared to the good players on our team and see what challenges they'll have to face," says Byron.