Fans say SU needs to step up to the plate to keep Coach Marrone

SU Athletic Director Darryl Gross doesn't seem interested in talking about Doug Marrone's NFL offers. Gross missed a scheduled appearance on ESPN's Syracuse Radio this afternoon. However, fans aren't shying away from the question.

John Steven Melfi was attending the SU Basketball game at the Carrier Dome when he shared his support for Marrone.

"Whatever he wants they should give him. He's been doing a great job. Full support of Doug Marrone," says Melfi.

Marty Meader says Marrone turned the football team into a team.

"I think he's brought the team around to be a team. Before I think they were individuals players and now I see them more as a team," says Meader.

After a great season, Marrone may go pro. Insiders say he's interviewing with the Buffalo Bills, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Cleveland Browns.

Fans like John McCormick hope SU will step up to the plate.

"It's bitter sweet. The guy's done a great job here. I would hate to see him go. Hopefully the university will work hard to keep him here," says McCormick.

Some SU fans like Kimberly Brown say Marrone should take a lesson from Jim Boheim. He's won more than 900 games at SU and he's a legend, a true fixture of the Central New York community.

"He should talk to Jim Boheim about how you stay here a long time and stay with your community. The place where you should be," says Brown.

Many fans, like Vinny Modafferi, are hopeful SU will do what's necessary to keep him.

"It's his alma mater, he's a loyal guy, he's from the bronx and I think they'll either match it or give him some incentive and he'll stay," says Modafferi.