Fans watch their hometown Orange tip off in the ACC

Fans packed into the Carrier Dome.


a new conference and a new season.

Taylor Gait was at the game cheering on her basketball team. "We get to play so many great teams and I don't know it's awesome just watching games, it's just completely different than last year," says Gait.

Tens of Thousands of fans packed into the Carrier Dome excited to see their hometown team tip off for the very first time in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

John Lorenzetti is excited to see his team start out the ACC schedule. "We're looking for the challenge that we got in the ACC. We're looking for the Duke game to come in and to come into this conference and to win anything you gotta come to the big house, and this is Syracuse," says Lorensetti.

Some fans like Trevor Seward came from as far away as Vermont to see the Orange face off against the Miami Hurricanes.


ell it's just a great environment


the whole town's awesome. It's all college sports They're all centered around Syracuse at all times

," says Seward.


any Syracuse basketball fans are looking forward to the possibility of becoming the first team in more than 20 years to win a major conference like the ACC during it's first season.

Madison Weitkamp says he feels confident in his team's ability to come through this year. "

I think it's a huge possibility


we're one of the last unbeaten teams and we have this new freshman who's gonna come out really strong

," says Weitkamp.

DaShaun Smith says the SU defense is always a strong point for the team. "

I think it's gonna be really hard for a new conference


for new teams to be able to step in a penetrate our 2-3 zone

," says Smith.