Fatal van fire in Jamesville

Police say the van involved in a deadly crash Sunday morning in Jamesville was stolen.

T he van, which is registered to catholic charities, was taken from the organization on West Onondaga Street in Syracuse earlier in the night, according to police.

T he crash happened on East Seneca Turnpike around 5 am Sunday. Police say the driver was heading eastbound when the van went off the road and right into a tree. When police got on the scene the van was on fire. After the fire was put out, police found the driver inside.

P olice still don't know the identity of the driver because of how severe the fire was. T he M edical Examiner's office will help with that. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

Catholic Charities officials say they think the the van was stolen some time Saturday afternoon or evening, but are still investigating. They say they are in the process of interviewing their 280 employees to figure out who had the key to the van before it was stolen.


The East Seneca Turnpike in Jamesville is closed to traffic, as DeWitt Police investigate a fatal van accident.They were called about 5 this morning, and found the van, which had hit a tree, fully engulfed in flames---as volunteers put the fire out they found a person inside. The van is registered to Catholic Charities and was going east, when it went off the road between Bamerick and Apulia Roads, in the hamlet of Jamesville.