Father and son help three people escape house fire in Clay safely

The family at 8258 Joewood Drive only had moments to get out of their Clay home after it caught fire on Wednesday night. All ten people, two adults and eight kids, who lived in the house are alright. Three of them were treated for smoke inhalation but are fine today.The family is now being helped by the Red Cross. They are staying at a nearby hotel and with family.

The Red Cross and Sheriff's deputies say everyone made it out thanks to the bravery of family members and neighbors.

The house is beyond repair and a family dog didn't make it out - but neighbors are grateful for the lives that were saved

After the fire started, Liz Ereseck from the Red Cross said a 14-year-old realized his younger sister was still inside and went back in.

"He managed to get his sister but he turns around and he's facing a black wall of smoke," said Liz Eresek from the American Red Cross.

That left him trapped on the second floor. Unable to open a window, the Red Cross says the fourteen year-old banged on it for help. Police say 15-year-old Nicholas Matthews and his dad grabbed a ladder from their house across the street and ran towards their neighbor's burning home. The last family members got out through the second story window right before the fire took over the whole house.

"The whole second floor was just a big ball of fire. It was pretty chaotic," said Onondaga County Sheriff's deputy Sgt. Krayg Dykes.

Dykes said the outcome of the fire would have been very different if the neighbors had not rushed in to help.

"It just gives me an overwhelming sense of community that there's neighbors who are willing to step up to the plate and help people that are in need. It's wonderful," said Dykes. "I got a chance to talk to Nicholas last night. I shook his hand and said I wish I had neighbors just like him."

The Red Cross assisted with lodging and financial assistance for food and basic necessities.