Fayette Town Clerk accused of stealing tax money

A local town clerk was arrested Monday after police say she stole tax receipts while on the job.

According to the Seneca County Sheriff TMs Office, just after noon on Monday deputies arrested 54-year-old Nancy N. Knight of Gusty Lane in Seneca Falls on charges of third degree grand larceny and official misconduct. Knight, who is the tax collector, clerk, and registrar for the Town of Fayette, is accused of stealing at least $3,100 in cash from tax payments made to the town.

Police say their investigation into the case began on Friday after Town Supervisor Cindy Garlick-Lorenzetti reported to deputies that Knight was involved in suspicious activity regarding tax funds.

Knight was arraigned in the Town of Waterloo Court and will reappear in court on August 9. The sheriff TMs office says its investigation is continuing and Knight has cooperated.

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