Fayetteville 3rd and 4th graders take part in 'We All Learn Differently Olympics'

3rd and 4th graders at Fayetteville Elementary School walked in some of their classmates' shoes on Thursday taking part in W.A.L.D.O., or the "We All Learn Differently Olympics."

They took part in different stations that tested their ability to navigate an incline and decline in a wheelchair, attempted to read scrambled words on a paper and were put in a dark room with goggles that inhibited their vision. The lesson being taught was understanding and compassion for other students who struggle with those challenges every day.

"I learned that not all people learn one way," Sarah Dingel, a 3rd grader says. Her classmates shared that lesson as well. "I learned that everyone learns differently, and sometimes it's harder to learn when you can't do as many things as other people," Jackson Kettell, a fellow 3rd grader, says.

Several of the children said they also had a family member or friend with special needs, so they took Thursday's lesson to heart.