Fayetteville woman allegedly attacked after grocery store trip. Do you know how to protect yourself?

A day after a Fayetteville woman was allegedly attacked at her home, CNY Central is speaking to self defense experts about how you can protect yourself in any situation.

Manlius police say they're still looking for the person responsible for the attack. They believe the woman, who is not being identified, may have been followed home from the Wegman's on East Genesee Street in DeWitt.

They say when she arrived home and was taking groceries out of her car, she was attacked by a man who tried to force her into the trunk of her car. She fought back, and the man ran away.

We spoke with local self defense experts about how you can protect yourself in a similar situation.

Mike Bidwell, the school manager at Tai Kai Martial Arts in Liverpool, says the most important way to protect yourself starts with being aware.

Always keep an eye on your surroundings and avoid potential threats.

If you're caught off guard by an attack, he says alert as many people as possible. Scream for help and make as much noise as you can.

Attack back if you have to. If you're being choked, peel the attackers thumbs off your neck first so you can restore your air supply. Then, fight back any way you can.

As soon as you can get free, run away as far as possible and get help.

We'll have examples of techniques you can use on CNY Central at 5 & 6pm tonight.

Police are still trying to find the person responsible for Monday's attack. They say the suspect is a younger looking white male with a slim build and short blondish hair. Police are also searching for a newer model, gray sedan with a sun roof. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Town of Manlius Police Department at 315-682-2212 or our TIPS line at 682-8673.