FCC to quiet loud TV commercials

Are you tired of commercials that blare at you as soon as your favorite shows go to break? Pretty soon you won't have to worry.

The FCC unanimously approved rules requiring cable operators and television stations to quiet those loud ads. The new regulations will require cable companies and television stations to ensure that commercials aren't louder than t elevision programs , as well as conduct spot-checks to make sure the new rules are being followed. These requirements go into effect in December 2012 and will only be mandated for a few years. After that, the FCC says it will keep its eye on the situation and listen to viewers' complaints.

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski was quoted as saying, "This is an issue people care about. My wife has wondered for years when we were going to do something about this,"..."Bottom line, the FCC is quieting a persistent problem of the TV age, or loud commercials."

What do you think? Have you noticed an issue with commercial volume?

This report was compiled using information from the Wall Street Journal